Here’s Why Meghan Trainor is Awesome

Meghan Trainor is one of the most popular singers around today. You may feel like you know Meghan Trainor, but this talented singer’s quick rise to fame cannot be explained during a quick tutorial in mere base. Her treble-free summer hit helped her gained a tremendous amount of notoriety, but there is more to this rising music star. The past year’s highly rated pop superstar is getting ready for her upcoming Yahoo Live concert on Wednesday.


Here’s why Meghan Trainor is awesome:


  1. She self-released three awesome records before she turned eighteen. Have you been searching for a copy of them? Well, good luck!


At the tender age of fifteen, she released her self-titled album (Meghan Trainor). She later released “I’ll Sing for You”, and “Only 17” in 2011. Sony made an earnest effort to take these albums off the market when she signed with them.


  1. She took a five-week course at the Berklee College of Music, but turned down a full-time scholarship. Trainor stated, “I went to Berklee College Music at fifteen, and they had songwriting classes where you could go and learn how to write a solid song.” Trainor admitted that she attended one class and was unable to get a full understanding of the course. Trainor also admitted that she skipped that class after she realized that she knew how to write a song.


  1. Trainor co-wrote two songs that appeared on Rascal Flatts’ 2014 Album (Rewind and DJ Tonight). Her father wanted her to be a songwriter that could do anything in any music genre. She is focused on tackling any cut from any music genre. She told Billboard, “Give me some country cuts.” Living in Nashville and being signed with a publisher in that area helped her chances of leaving a deep impression on the country music circuit.


One of the songs she co-wrote for Rascal Flatts (DJ Tonight) is set in a nightclub and talks about having a blast till the last call. Ironically, Trainor never had been inside a nightclub. She asked her Mom to help her get a fake I.D., but her Mom declined to help her break the law.


  1. Trainor wrote Flatts’ “I Like the Sound of That” with Shay Mooney. Despite living in Nashville and penning a successful song for Rascal Flatts, she turned down the chance to target that genre. “I was writing good country songs, but I thought, “This is not my kind of music”, she told the Daily Beast. She went on to say, “My uncle is Caribbean, so my dream was to write hit songs for Rihanna.” “It still is, really.” It will be interesting to see what this talented writer will be able to create for the great pop legend.


  1. She also wrote a song for Hunter Hayes. It hasn’t been released, but what this space.


  1. Many rock fans have no clue that Trainor had a series of close and productive encounters with members of NRBQ. NRBQ is a great cult band that has cemented its legacy rock-n-roll.

NRBQ’s Johnny Spampinato told the Cape Cod Times: “I gave Trainor guitar lessons when she was fifteen. She had no problem in picking up core changes. She would write a good pop song every day like water flowing from a fountain. I would give her some progressions, and she would write a nice melody and record it within one week. I knew Al (“Big Al” Anderson) would take real good care of her, so I introduced her to him. Everything took off from there. We recorded with her in the studio and were amazed at her ability to do one-take performances on every track. We fixed nothing as we went along.” Anderson helped Trainor secure a deal with his Nashville publishing company, Big Yellow Dog Music, when she was eighteen.